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Protect Your Home from Pest Invasion

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  • Haşere İstilasından Korunmanız İçin Önerilerimiz

"The Pests Never Rest!"

Our practical suggestions as Teknikturk to keep the unwanted guests that want to shelter in your house:
  • Close up the cracks and slots that might be found on the exterior walls of your house. Keep in mind that ants, spiders and cockroaches may enter your house through these gaps.
  • Have your windows and doors that open outside closed with fly screens.
  • Do not leave food lay around. This situation will draw pests and cause bacteria to contaminate your food.
  • Keep your clothes in plastic boxes in order to keep them away from cloth eating insects.
  • Make sure to appropriately ventilate your roof and house. This precaution ensures not to give sheltering opportunities to cockroaches and other pests.
  • Do not leave the food of your pets more than one night in their food bowl.
  • Do not let piles things such as wrecks, rubbles and bricks staying around your house. These are appropriate sheltering environments for rodents and pests.
  • Waste bags that are not tied up act like magnets for the surrounding cockroaches, ants, flies and mice.
  • The wild weeds at the neglected gardens of your house are areas of nesting for pests. Do not let your plants grow uncontrollably.
Keep in mind that, together with these suggestions, your house or your apartment needs to be disinfested at least once in every 6 months, preferably during entry to summer months (April-May) and during entry to winter months (September, October).

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