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  • Oteller, Konaklama Tesisleri
  • Oteller, Konaklama Tesisleri

Our Key Word Is Action

In the places where there is people and object circulation, a pest-free life may seem difficult. The difficulty is not in the solution of the problem but in not noticing the key parts.

The various pest kinds that may be carried with the belongings of your quests from all four corners of the world or the pests move to the rooms from the laundry with the clean linens are only a few of the key parts. Quest satisfaction with hygiene is hidden in detail. Tekniktürk considers these details for you. It does not matter what time it is, when you call we will be there.

Beyond detecting and eliminating the problem, we share the methods that will prevent its reoccurrence with the hotel staff through "Hygiene and Sanitation Training". We do our work without disturbing the functioning of your accommodation facility, and you will not even notice that we are there. Periodic controls are the tricky point of this work, and the fundamental solution of the problem. After the problem is solved, we guarantee our service with "Financial Liability Insurance”.

Where there is activity there is fertility for a pest, which means a planned struggle for Tekniktürk.

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