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While You Sustain the Contribution to Economy We Will Be There to Support

The construction sector, which is known as the locomotive of the economy, is very important in terms of job creation and articulation of a new urbanization understanding to the social life. When the issue of hygiene is included in the worksites where the employee safety is provided, a pest problem is being confronted. The continuous staff changes in the dormitories at camping areas and the pest transfer risks caused by this change, is an important problem. Again, the pest risk that may occur as a result of keeping foodstuff in the dormitories is another problem.

When we enter into a worksite, you will see the difference. We are considering all the possibilities not to find an instant solution but to remove the problem from the root. For example, the poor conditions in the worksites increase the rodent risk. The measures that will be taken about pest and rodent infestation which may arise from landscape and garden areas prevent the expansion of the problem without waiting the completion of the construction. As Tekniktürk team we control the entire process.

We report physical deficiencies and guide you in overcoming these deficiencies. The building site is in safe hands. As we anticipate the problem before it occurs, we are already rolling up our sleeves about the solutions.

Other Sectoral Pest Control Solutions

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