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Our Solutions for Home Pest Control

  • Eviniz İçin Tekniktürk Çözüm Adımları
  • Eviniz İçin Tekniktürk Çözüm Adımları

The application of pest disinfestation is not for a one time process. Our solutions by our companies is handled as a whole until we conclude to the fact that your house clear of pests. Teknikturk’s three stages of approach as a result oriented system is aimed at completely ridding you house from pests.


The technicians of Teknikturk are educated for the purpose of locating the whereabouts of pests that threaten you. Our team first identifies the reasons of the pests for invading your house, defines and evaluates.


Our firm works with you in order to find the best solutions for your family, your environment and your pet friends. It produces special to your place results for various kinds of pests such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish that are in your house.


With the 45 years of experience, the most important thing for us is your satisfaction from our service. As a principle, our firm gives the promise of warranty until we solve your problem.

Residential Pest Control Services

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