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Integrated Pest Management and HACCP

  • Integrated Pest Management and HACCP
  • Integrated Pest Management and HACCP
  • Integrated Pest Management and HACCP

Entegre Haşere Kontrolü ve HACCP
The best way of solving pest problems is to change the conditions that enable them live. The technicians of Teknikturk are focused at getting rid of the sheltering areas of pests, the entrance points of the establishment and the other conditions that cause invasion. This point of view helps to ensure the highest effect with the least amount of chemical material usage. The success of the application underlies beneath the mutual work and high communication that is to be established.
Teknikturk’s professional service technicians works with you in order to make your IPM program more effective and suggests education meetings to your personnel.

Entegre Haşere Kontrolü ve HACCP

System Set-Up

All the work against the pests needs to be traceable, based on observations and should sustain in a way to reveal the actions. The real success in contentions is the one procuring in the long run.
Teknikturk knows the requirements needed by all pests to live that are food, water and shelter. By combining this information with the risks, in order to identify the existing pests and the pests that might be available in the future, equipment with and without bait are placed in the risky areas by the technic personnel. Each monitor is set up and numbered. The monitor is recorded in the control list. It becomes monitorable on the establishment chart in a settlement plan. In the continuing application, all kinds of alteration, improvement and risks are followed from here. These traps catch the pests, let us get signal and enable us to identify the magnitude of the problem, their hiding places and their entrance points to the establishment.

Entegre Haşere Kontrolü ve HACCP

Routine Visits and Reporting

During their routine control visits, the operation technicians controls every monitor that specified in the monitor plan, area between the monitors and the precautions taken in the previous visit. The technician reports the existence of the pest, their reproduction, feeding and the factors speed up the rate of their population by watching.
In these visits;
  • The purchase of goods,
  • The storing of raw materials,
  • The use of raw materials,
  • Production,
  • Packaging,
  • Last product storing,
  • The distribution of the goods,
  • Transportation,
  • The flows relating to the suppliers,
the necessities and the risks are evaluated.

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