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Your Time Is Also Valuable For Us

We can say that all about the office has fairly changed its meaning. As a definition the office has gone far beyond a table, two chairs, telephone and a fax machine. In the new working style faced with long working hours, in order to make it habitable the architects are producing such projects that every detail’s being thought of is surprising. From the softness or rigidity of the light to the activity rooms planned in the office, it is a period in which the schematic creativity is at the top. In this case pest is easily moved to the office together with the life. With its suitable service program at special working hours Tekniktürk team is radically solving the pest problem in the office.

In the office, all the belongings of an employee are found within a caisson distance. The drawers of the caissons open up to another world. Caissons are a habitat for a cockroach where it can find various foods, drinks and even refreshments. Water, food and a warm environment are highly enjoyable for a cockroach. In pest management, the struggle with the cockroaches is the most difficult area; they can even lay a nit when they die. They are resistant to difficult living conditions and have very strong immune system. Wall cracks, edges and nooks, places behind the office furniture are the places they are mostly seen.

Of course, these facts will not discourage us. Besides the medicines at world standards and technological equipment of Tekniktürk expert technicians, with the disinfection that will be made without giving harm to the electronic items, cockroaches will pale in comparison in the office environment. Moreover, immediately after chemical usage, your employees will be able to return to their jobs.

Your time is also valuable for us.

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