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CY 140 Pigeon Live Trap

  • CY 140 Pigeon Live Trap
  • CY 140 Pigeon Live Trap
  • CY 140 Pigeon Live Trap

Information about the trap

It is made from 2 mm veneered steel with dimensions of 42 x 35 x 61 cm and it is 2500 gr in weight. It can be very easily set and its place can easily be removed with a unique FOLDING property and it is placed to places where pigeons feed and wander. Better results can be gotten if their feeding areas are identified before setting the trap. If the existing covey is used to feeding at a particular site, the birds will easily get in the traps set on that site. The trap works in a way to ease the bird’s entrance but block its exit. To let the birds in, the gates open in a swinging way and gather 15-20 birds until it is full. Enough bait, especially broken corn, should be put in the trap. The caught ones are taken far away and set free. It should be preferred to catch the birds when there are no new born chicks.

Target animals

Birds like pigeons and doves.

Areas of usage and benefits

It helps to remove pigeons that cause pollution and floor abrasion with their acidic fertilizer in the industry, especially in food production, packaging, storage and export facilities and historic and sensitive buildings. It prevents from bird louse, bird flu, viral and allergic diseases, infestation and product loss produced by bird fertilizers.

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