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Storehouses and Barns

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Special Solutions for Storehouses and Barns

Before the products sold at the stores take their places at the racks, the last stop of their domestic or overseas journey is the storehouses or barns. They come together here and again from here are distributed to the various parts of the country. The products are accompanied by pests and rodents during their journey. Just as the pests that may be carried over by market bags to our houses, they may reach to the storehouses through packages.

Solving the problem in situ will be our first target. We will be struggling until not leaving a living space to the pests and rodents at the storehouses. Cleaning of the storehouses from insects may have a positive contribution to the budget of the company, yet it can ruin and a reverse case. It is proven by experience that the rodents contaminate the storehouse products up to eight times what they eat. Specific to the pests, rodents can be transported to the storehouses in variety ways, due to the lack of care of the building they can enter from the cracks and create a habitat for themselves. If the products are coming from abroad, this means different pest types are being transferred.

As we listed the problems one by one, we can roll up our sleeves for the solution. Meanwhile we shouldn’t skip over the barns. We should state in advance that we prefer pheromone traps for these areas. The reason is, we consider the usage of chemicals as risky in the moth and pest control at the barn environments. If we define a special pest control for your storehouses and barns, we can start to work.

The first issue we sensitively dwell on is that we peculiarly prefer that your employee should be equipped with the information which will provide to continue the struggle after us. We want you to know that, “instead of giving a fish teaching how to catch it” is among our service principles. On the other hand of course we always remain at your disposal.

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