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Our Principles

Every institute adopts some values and principles to continue its existence and there are imperative rules and laws for them. Some of them have such vital importance that they cannot be allowed to be violated. These are indispensable rules.

Our institution’s reason for being is as following:

Customer Delight:

It is common target of our all activities; i.e. it is focal point of our all activities. We want to reinforce our customers’ delight and trust by availing to them during the service. Quality of service, environment, and health, attention to the security, orderliness and our honesty are prerequisites for preserving customer delight.

Respect to Human:

Our personnel move Teknikturk forward individually and in team. Being people oriented and working with team mentality are essential principles of our success. Our firm cares about its team. We support that our personnel consists of individuals who are trained, open to improvement; research, learn, compete; success-oriented, healthy; and have high performance and motivation and work in team spirit.

Legal Conformity:

We are in conformity with the laws in our all services and we fulfill exactly and on time legal obligations and we know what our aware customers give importance to and we prioritize them.

Health and Security:

We aim at protecting health and security of our team and our customers. We work in conformity with legal obligations and we take security measures against all dangers which can occur during working and in working environment. We provide training for the aim of raise awareness of the personnel, society and local authorities by using technological equipments which ensure security of life and property.

Clarity, understanding and honesty:

We believe that decisions taken with principles of open communication, understanding and honesty are more qualified and practicable than decisions taken according to only one thought. We provide to keep open communication channels and we take care of it. We provide a working environment in which workers respect to each other, discuss with each other, criticize and self-criticize each other and show tolerance each other.

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