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Pest Control: It is Our Job

Carrying out food under hygienic conditions is possible with scientific approach. One of the important issues in production facilities is the methods of the pest control. As Teknitürk, with our well informed personnel about HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) regulation, AIB (American Food Standard) and BRC (British Food Standard) , we create the most suitable solution for you. For your success during the inspections of the aforesaid standards, we think up and plan the finest details of the emphasized issues.

You can take the first step towards the solution by communicating with Tekniktürk. Later on, we will direct our expert teams to you for a pre-study regarding the detection of the problem and the required planning for the solution. Your declaration about suitability of the pest control plan which we prepared for you and that you believe us in solving the problem, will be sufficient. Leave the rest to us.

Food production can also be made in a pest-free environment. When we finish our work, you will be able to carry on the production in safety.

Other Sectoral Pest Control Solutions

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