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If We Are There, Our Kids Are Safe

While they are in their classrooms, we will be trying to bring hygiene to the playgrounds where they have fun. Here the school bell rings and now some will run to the toilets and if the weather is good some to the garden to meet with the playgrounds. We have already completed disinfection studies against epidemics, cleaned up playgrounds from microbial pests, and they can use the toilets safely.
We are comfortable as we worked with safe chemical products throughout our work.

Our children are the apples of our eyes. We dote upon the schools where they have education, while purifying these places from pest we are keeping the sensitivity level at the top. Our only wish is to contribute to our children, who will form our future, in their education at an environment purified from all kind of dangers.

We do not only build our pet management through hygiene. The pests that nest at the places where electric cables are located collectively may cause fire in schools. We said that our sensitivity level for the schools is high, didn’t we? Without missing a slightest detail, we make our plans and work. We do not neglect to inform our teachers and administration about the works in schools and pest control.

You will be glad to meet our technical team. If we are there, our kids are safe.

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