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  • Siteler, Toplu Yaşam Merkezleri
  • Siteler, Toplu Yaşam Merkezleri

We Are Aware Of The Dangers In Communal Life Areas

You might think that there are no fleas in your house as you do not have a pet. The pretty dog of your neighbour may get on the elevator before you and without noticing you may have carried the flea to your house on your coat. We started talking about an area which is difficult to live in gregariously. We thought that first we have to identify the problems so that we can develop long term solutions easily. Let’s continue…

Moreover, there are the cable-loving rats. It is one of the important titles of pet management in collective settlement centres. The rodents looking for warm places in winter prefer the cable ducts and transformers as sheltering areas. When the passion of nibbling gets together with warm living area, these places are quite ideal for the rats. For the people living in that area, a dangerous situation is encountered. Because, fire danger is now involved in their lives. It is not a problem, we will solve it.

There is also another issue we want to share. Do you know silverfish bug? We are talking about the grey-coloured bugs that you might have noticed in your house. These bugs can be found abundantly in your house and they have no intention to leave as they can be fed even by human skin rashes. Don’t worry, we will be with you in order to shorten the silverfish bugs visit duration.

As Tekniktürk team we are aware of the above mentioned dangers which can occur in communal life areas and even more. Based on years of experience and know-how, we provide a fundamental solution to the pest problem in communal life areas. We not only take the necessary precautions in all areas where danger may occur, but also we inform the staff on-duty at the site. Moreover, while entering your private living areas we show the required attention.

Now you can stretch your feet and sip your coffee knowing that you are safe in your home.
We have taken all the necessary precautions for you.

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