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We Will Tell A Success Story

Disease is a fearful dream of a person in modern life and a sensitive period for all of us. Of course, as Tekniktürk family, we sincerely wish to live a healthy life. The patients’ who are waiting for health in the hospital rooms and the on duty health staffs’ facing with a pest problem is not a situation that we want. In order to do our best and create a pest –free hygienic environment in the health institutions, we are aware from where we have to approach to the problem. Besides when it is evaluated in terms of the institution which is giving a health service, we know that every unnoticed detail may cause a reputation loss.

There may be so many things that sabotage the hygiene issue in health facilities that, to approach each subject individually and with a detailed and planned program is always our first step. We can detail the issue with an example; all the patient accompanists want their relatives to feel themselves at their homes who are at the hospital to lead a healthy life, for that reason they fill the room with flowers, food and drinks. Our subject starts right here, pest and food relation is like life and water relation. And for us, it comes at the top of the issues that need to be emphasized.

Pest infestation that may occur in medical devices is a fact that we evaluate when we talk about the issue. Also the issues that the on-duty cleaners at the health institution did not notice while providing the hygiene, are among our field of interest. We do not neglect to think about the detail of every issue that we listed above and share our knowledge with responsible personnel. It is also a fact that we treat intensive care rooms in accordance with the meaning of the name. While we are working, the health personnel, the patient's relatives and the hospital management will see our difference. If our references are reviewed, it will be noticed that the health sector has distinguished among other sectors.

We are working very hard to deserve the trust of a sector that has such a high sensitivity. Because, we not only make a pet control but also writing a success story.

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