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Access to this website and use of the site is subject to following terms. Unless you agree to observe these terms, please do not use this website. This website (hereinafter will be referred as Teknikturk) was developed and is managed by Teknik Hasere Kontrol Hizmetleri ve Cevre Sagligi Temizlik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. We reserve the right to cancel our General Terms of Use, General Rules and Terms, Sale and Delivery Terms in our website or amend them partly or completely. We kindly inform to your knowledge that we can make such amendments at our sole discretion without making prior notification. For this reason, please review our terms when you revisit our website and consider possible amendments and corrections.

Waive from use and benefits

All the details, documents and visuals published in this website will only belong to Teknikturk. The said materials can only be used if these terms are observed. There will be a phrase related to copyright on all copies, such details will be used for only personal purposes, they will not be misused commercially, not be changed in any manner and all visuals obtained from the website will be used only with the related text.

Trademarks and Copyright

All the product names referred to in this website are the trademarks of Teknikturk and subsidiaries, branches, licensers or joint adventures of Teknikturk. Unauthorized use or misuse of these trademarks or other materials are clearly forbidden and said situations mean infringement of copyright law, trademark law or other industrial property rights.

Limited Liability

Teknikturk has obtained the detailed information contained in this website from internal and external sources depending on its knowledge and belief in due diligence. We aim to extend and update this information field continuously. With the information contained in this website, it is aimed to present Teknikturk, its products and services. However, no expression is used or guarantee is given directly or indirectly about integrity or correctness of the information contained in this website. We would like to remind you that though the information is correct as of its publishing date, it may not be up-to-date. For this reason, we recommend you to check the information you obtain from this website before you use it in any manner. Recommendations given in this website, data pages especially relevant to security in respect to conformity to aimed processes and purposes and proposes made about our products and in connection to technical specifications must not avoid you to make your own control. In the event that you need any recommendation or instruction relevant to our products or services, please do not hesitate to directly contact to us. Users of this website agree in advance that responsibility of accessing to this website and its content will belong to them. Teknikturk or third persons, in charge of writing, preparation or publishing of this website, will not be kept responsible for losses and damages arising from accessibility or inaccessibility to this website, use or nonuse of this website or trusting to information contained in this website.

Websites /links of third party products

This website contains links/references to third party websites. Presentation of said links by this website does not mean that Teknikturk approves the content of them. Besides, Teknikturk does not accept any responsibility related to accessibility to such websites and their contents and does not undertake any responsibility for any loss or damage arising from use of such contents. Teknikturk does not guarantee that pages of which links are given for purpose of information will be in the same quality. Links to these websites are presented for purpose of easiness. In access to such websites, risk will belong to users.

Details presented by you

Users of these websites bear all the responsibility about the content and correctness of details they send to Teknikturk and guarantee that rights of third persons related to such details have not been infringed. Users, as long as the presented information do not contain personal details other than main data or used information, allows Teknikturk to save such details and use them for purpose of statistical analysis or for any other purpose. Especially, Teknikturk is entitled to use any content contained in such messages, including ideas, inventions, designs, techniques and expertise, for any purpose such as development, production and/or marketing of products or services and by compiling the contents, to present them to third persons without any limitation. Selection of links should never restrict users with pages of which links are given.

International Users

This website is controlled, operated and updated by Teknik Haşere Kontrol Hizmetleri ve Çevre Sağlığı Temizlik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. The said website can only be used in Turkey. Teknikturk does not guarantee that details given in this website are also valid in places other than Turkey and especially, products and services are in the same appearance, dimensions or exist under same terms and conditions. If you enter this website from outside of Turkey or download its content from outside of Turkey, it will be your responsibility to act in conformity to the local regulations. Products referred to in this website may have different packages, package sizes or different letters or signs depending on country.

Sale of Teknikturk products

Our General Rules and Terms and General Sale and Delivery Terms are valid for all agreements made with Teknikturk.

Prudential Statements

This internet site contains prudential statements made depending on existing assumptions and predictions by Teknikturk management. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors may create some differences between existing prediction results of company, its financial status, development and performance and the predictions presented here.

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