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Supplier Pest Management Quality Control

  • Supplier Pest Management Quality Control
  • Supplier Pest Management Quality Control

Supplier Pest Management Quality Control

“Small changes, Strong effects”

To provide quality services and products,which meet ever evolving needs and expectation of consumers, is indispensable policy of Teknikturk.
The key elements of achieving this goals rely on;
  • Services designed in accordance with needs of costumers,
  • Professional service delivery,
  • Principles of using technological infrastructure.
Besides, Teknikturk maintains developing its system with ‘3. Eye Control’ and ‘Supplier Audits’, follow and record critical points.

3. Eye Control

Tekniktürk provides its projects to be inspected periodically by independent eyes according to Ministry of Health and ISO quality standards. 3. Eye Control evaluates retroactive data, forecasts long or short term potential risks and takes the necessary precautions. As a result of study, the costumers’ risk analysis, action plans, precautions and corrective actions to be taken are determined.
Tekniktürk has a working style based on the principal of solution partnership on subject of “Supplier Audits and Improvement of Systems” with awareness of that service quality is an important factor in the supplier chain ,that is in continuous contact with the operation , besides to taking of all kinds of measures related plant conditions.
In addition to take all kinds of precautions related to facility conditions, Teknikturk has the way of work based on solution partnership on the subject of ‘ Supplier Audits and Systems Improvement’ with the awareness of supply change which has permenant connection with business.

Supplier Audits

Teknikturk aims to exhibit consistent quality which meets anticipated expectations of customer while providing best services with customer oriented approach. The purpose of this study provides
  • To increase the chance of competition
  • To make continuous process of institutionalization
  • To protect image and prestige of business
  • To enhance the efficiency
  • To lead the work to be done right at a first time
  • To reach error sourse
  • To make rational decision according to date based.

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