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Welcome to the corporate service page of Tekniktürk. As Tekniktürk, we offer solutions for "Integrated Pest Control" field specialists and experts. Within the scope of the "Bayer Protection Program", we provide professional services to sector specific high quality standards.

We are fighting insects by protecting the environment and community health. While struggling to observe hygiene conditions with insects, instead of ignoring human health and nature, we follow the latest technologies and add to my world, we are riveting our whole service understanding. You will also recognize it at the first encounter with us.

We anticipate the risks and plan service steps, provide you with regular periodic reporting and periodic reporting, traceability programs, organize training programs, communicate to the third party and we have all the options you need to solve your problem.

From its economic value, it is experiencing a different pest problem in its sector. We also collected our sectoral insecticide solutions under 13 headings. With years of experience and expertise, we have been able to report these issues on time and to think about their solutions. We created a separate solution for a solution. We share the results we get from our meticulous work, we aim to give you a head and lift your pest problem out of the way.

Detailed information about our specific solutions that provide information on the following sector headings.

Other Sectoral Pest Control Solutions

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