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We Know Well What “High Hygenie Standard” Means

Hence the pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are the enterprises making production at highest hygiene standards, in our sight they have a workflow that needs to be carefully planned. In these facilities during the production, lots of raw and auxiliary materials which are obtained through suppliers are used. For example, packaging materials, tubes and sprays that are put into the produced medicine, etc. Before starting to work, the expert team of Tekniktürk gingerly involves this much detail to its planning. Because, it is clear that the suppliers have to be informed about pest control and need support during their struggle. At the end of the day, the report prepared for the supplier company, is shared both with the pharmaceutical company and with the supplier.

Having mentioned the highest hygiene standard, we would like to inform you about the details of how the pet management is made in the areas where even housing domestic animals is beside the point around the production facility. There are absolutely clean areas in the pharmaceutical factories or in the factories producing sterilized products. The entry of human and the raw material to these areas is carried out by passing from detailed stages. Here, chemical medicines are not used in pest control in these areas. Because the risk of contamination of the medicine to the produced materials, is a sensitive issue. In order to identify the pest activity that may occur in these areas, special to the service that it gives, Tekniktürk uses equipment which will serve as a monitor such as "insect monitors" and "live capturing traps". These monitors are checked at regular intervals. When pest activity is detected, measures are taken to solve the problem with non-chemical methods.

If we are there, you are safe. We will be interested in both with your production facility and your suppliers. Right here, we would like to inform you about Bayer Protection Program. The "Bayer Protection Program" is a program that provides pest control services in urban areas. The companies affiliated to this program are selected according to the criterion including high quality standards. In Turkey for the first time, Tekniktürk has been accredited by Bayer and still more has strengthened its reliability in the sector. The details of the services that Tekniktürk is providing within this program, is explained in detail at our “What is Bayer Production Program?” page. It will be a click away, please visit.

As we before mentioned, medicine is a sensitive issue and planning and detailing the pest control in pharmaceutical production facilities needs a significant attention. We suggest you to consult on an expert. With years of knowledge and experience we are ready to share what we know with you. We will be waiting for your call.

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