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About Us

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Teknikturk; Enemy of the Pest, Hygiene Expert...

About Us
Technical Pest Control Services and Environmental Health Ltd. Co. (Teknik Haşere Kontrol Hizmetleri ve Çevre Sağlığı Ltd. Şti.), we have been established in 1982 in İstanbul as the first company that operates under the supervision of environmental health expert, medical technologist and medical care directors in the subjects of public health and disinfestation of insects. By combining our technical infrastructure and scope with our experience, we have added water tank cleaning and live animal capturing systems departments in addition to insect disinfestation, we continue to serve leading companies in their industries with our staff of experts.
While we have embraced a philosophy of presenting the best product and service to the consumer, we have strengthened our infrastructure with “Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) Sufficiency Certificate for Service Place” in the proceeding years. By adopting as a principle to constantly improving and renovating ourselves, we have increased our quality of service standard with the certificates we have earned from both BVQI, UKAS Accreditation and TURKAK with “ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Standard” in June 2005.

In May 2005, in accordance with legislation conditions that entered into force By the Ministry of Health of the Turkish Republic in June 27, 2005, by also earning the certificates of the “Responsible Manager Certificate” and the “Procedures and Principles of Pest Control in the Area of Public Health,” we have highlighted our attitude towards our services protecting public and environmental health and have become one of the pest disinfectant companies that perform services in accordance with the laws. At the same time, by becoming a member of “International Union of Pest Control,” we enjoy having the ability to instantly follow the development related to our industry in the world.

As of August of 2013, by being accredited according to the criteria containing high quality standards, we continue to give our services as a member company of “Bayer Protection Program.”

About Us

Our Vision,

as the most well-known and preferred establishment in the area of environmental and public health in Turkey, and as a company that is shown as an example in the sector with its services, reflecting our principle of “customer satisfaction” orientation to our services while following technologies closely that are related to our area of expertise.

Our Mission,

is to provide environmental and societal benefit and create a difference by improving and applying disinfestation, pest control, cleanliness-hygiene services that will protect the environment and public health.
Also, as it is the obligation of our mission, in accordance with the distinctness of the areas of activity, the connection of our production processes with each other and suitable for the physical structure and diversity of pests;
  • Create solutions,
  • Plan the service steps by foreseeing the risks,
  • By regular periodic reporting and seasonal reporting, providing you with traceability,
  • Organizing educational programs,
  • Providing the service within the scope of third party financial liability insurance,
  • Concurring with legal procedures,
  • We are right beside you when you need us.
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    Zumrutevler Mah. Nil Caddesi. Hukukcular ve Idareciler Sitesi Sosyal Tesis Binasi Kat:2 34852 Maltepe / ISTANBUL / TURKEY
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