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Public Buildings and Municipalities

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We Approach What Belongs To Us Sensitively

If it is not mine, yours or his, then it is a public area. While bringing service to public areas, we are working with this mentality. We are disinfecting the public buildings such as school, hospital, prison, palaces, museums, foodbanks, recreational facilities, municipalities, court houses, mosques, harbours, etc. with the methods in accordance with Ministry of Health’s Biocidal Regulation.

Tekniktürk team as the experts in our subject, from the moment we are contacted; we first identify the problem and determine a method of struggle in accordance with the health conditions.

We know very well what the risks of struggling with pests are, and we prepare a plan in accordance with the procedures with updated information. Moreover, we guarantee the service we provide with "Financial Liability Insurance".

We approach what belongs to us sensitively. This is exactly what distinguishes Tekniktürk! We have both the consciousness and the responsibility of the service we give.

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