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The Importance of Water Tank Cleaning

  • The Importance of Water Tank Cleaning

“Water is the passage way for infectious diseases.”

The chlorine that is waited for a long time in water loses its effectiveness, which creates suitable environment for microorganisms.

As a result of the water tanks not being cleaned or disinfected for a long time, the physical, chemical and the biological contaminants result in mudding, shedding, rusting, color, odor and bacteria formation in the water. This situation destroys the potableness and the usability properties of the water.

Even if we don’t drink the water in the depots, the microbes in the water still enter our body by the washing of fruits and vegetables, using it in the bathroom and the toilette, brushing our teeth and washing of dishes and laundry, resulting in the formation of typhoid, typhus, dysentery, cholera and diseases such as hepatitis in our body. Additionally, the sand and rust particles in water tanks damage our hydrophore, purifier, laundry and dishwashing machines. In the water tanks that are not periodically cleaned, rodents, dead pests, worms, maggots, and plates of mud, rust and fungi form. The only way to avoid this is to disinfestation and cleaning of the water tanks with special chemicals and high pressure machines produced for tanks periodically at least once a year by the trained professionals.

Unhealthy water is listed in the sixth place in the reports of “World Health Organization” for the cause of death right after cigarettes and alcohol. When we regard water not just as drinking water but also a means for cleaning, we can see the direct relationship of the cleaning of water tank at everywhere we live with our health.

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