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How Do We Clean Your Water Tank?

  • How Do We Clean Your Water Tank?

As Teknikturk, we are giving our services in public health and hygiene for more than 45 years. On the subject of cleaning the water tanks, we are diligent and acting meticulously in accordance with the general rules. We use chemicals and equipment that are permitted to be used or given applicability certificate after being analyzed about human health by national or international institutions about the cleaning of water tanks and human health. So, how do we clean your water tank?
  • In the first stage, your water tank that is to be cleaned is examined by our expert specialists and whether or not there are factors that cause it to become dirty in less than normal time (such as cracks, rusting in the installment, deformation at the water entrances and etc.) is researched and if there is, the customer is informed about the subject and so our expert team starts the process that will help resolve the problem.
  • The ventilation and the illumination of the tank are being performed.
  • The remaining water at the tank is evacuated with the help of high pressure plunger pumps.
  • The mud, sand and such foreign substances accumulated at the bottom are cleaned with the help of a vacuum.
  • With the help of high pressure machines, remedies that are approved the Ministry of Health are applied by spraying to the interior surface of your tank, letting the bacteria and fungi solve. The solved bacteria and fungi, later, is given outside with the help of high pressure machine.
  • Depending on the request, after the hygienic cleaning, “ph and chlorine test” is applied to the water that is newly received and after receiving the values of the city water, the process is completed by delivering the results to the authorized person.

Tekniktürk personally pays attention to the application by observing all the hygiene rules during cleaning. The cleaning procedure is completed accordingly.

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