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Pest Control Application Methods

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Spray Application

Permanent pest remedies are applied on surfaces directly where the pests are active. The areas of application vary depending on the insect type. Even after 30 days of spraying (disinfesting), its permanent effect of the first day continues. For the effect to continue, it is necessary not to clean or wash the sprayed areas. Otherwise, because the pests and the just hatched baby insects have not contacted the disinfectant, they do not die but keep on reproducing.
Before the application, the general cleaning of the area should be finished since it is necessary not to do any wet cleaning for 25 days.

Gel Application

It is only applied where there is a dense population of cockroaches. Gel is applied safely to the nesting sites of insects, to the cracks in the walls or breaks in the tiles, and to the electrically risky areas such as plug sockets and motor sections of white appliances. Not only is there special need for any preparation in the house, but also there is also no problem in cleaning after the disinfestation. Permanency and continuity is high in the area. After the cockroaches eat the bait, they die. Because the cockroaches have the habit of eating each other’s dead bodies and residuals, the whole population dies with the “Domino Effect.”

Rodent Control

The goal in controlling rodents is to find their nesting, sheltering areas and the areas they might come from, and applying specially produced baits to these areas and ensuring their feeding on them. But because the rodent is very clever and has a life cycle special to itself, very detailed and technical information is needed. If the probability of rodents coming from surroundings is small, the current population can easily be exterminated. However, if the environmental conditions are always open to invasion, then the application should be done periodically. Also, it is very important to isolate physical gaps (doorsteps, holes in the walls, water outlets, and etc.) of the protection area from the risk of reentrance of the rodent to interiors.

Residential Pest Control Services

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