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Food Sale Industry (Restaurants)

  • Gıda Satış Endüstrisi (Restoranlar)
  • Gıda Satış Endüstrisi (Restoranlar)

You Can Entertain Your Clients with Inner Peace

With a service worth to Michelin star, it is possible to address the issue of pest control in your enterprise. Improvement of the hygiene conditions, repair of the places suitable for pest entry, the usage of chemical and nonchemical methods in conformity such as rodent struggle with station can be listed among the in question struggling methods.

The area of your restaurant where you entertain your quests and the kitchen are the areas where the pests mostly like to live. As their only wish is to reach to the food, they want to situate at the areas close to it. Dishwashers, fridges, furnaces, scales and moreover… Tekniktürk team is not only finding them very easily but also they know very well how to make these areas unbearable for them.

We are aware of that respectability and customer satisfaction are your first priorities. And we do our job with the same sensitivity. About pest control, the cross contamination is only one of the nightmares of the companies active in food sale industry such as restaurant, cafe, bar, lunch room, patisserie and bakery. Our expert team has the detailed information in this respect and in order to identify the problem and improve the measures special for you, an expedition will be sufficient. Later on, you will be in safe hands.

When we leave your enterprise, your problem will have been solved and your responsible staff will be equipped with the required information not to face with the same problem again.

Tekniktürk is not finding an instant, but a fundamental solution.

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