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Pest Control Service

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Böcek İlaçlama Hizmeti

You May not be Alone at Home!

Insects and rodentias living in our house are nuisance. They live in kitchen, bathroom, out opening doors, treshold, garages, window ledge, etc. At the same time, they carry harmful germs wherever they go. The best way of protection is the plan of Pest Control Plan. Teknikturk keep away insects from you and your family with the highest protection guarantee.

Böcek İlaçlama Hizmeti

Throw off insects with Pest Control Plan! Special for You!

The educated professional operation technicians and expert team of Teknikturk know which insects and rodentias disturb you and how to help you to cope with insects and rodentias. Even the biggest pest infestation can not get change to survive in the presence of experiences, knowledge, application techniques of Teknikturk.

Teknikturk seeks solution in 24 hours when you are in need. Pest Contol Plan promises to solve pest infestation and gives quarantee to cleanse living space with hurmless professional pperation. If you are not satisfied, tekniktürk work with you without any charge till solve the problem.
Pest Control Service

Our business is to protect your business!

Commercial neighborhood is more complex compared to other living spaces. In addition to diversity of facilities and having diffirent layouts, It creates diversity in terms of range of insects and rodentias. Therefore, measures to be taken should be strictly periodic, controlled, successful. It should be appropriate, technical and scientific to property of business.

Teknikturk consists of professional high educated team. Professional Teknikturk team assorted certificated program and follows up-to-date development. They take part in experienced team in which medical technologists and public healt specialists are available. Teknikturk is completely appropriate with your work and operation including in the weekend and national holidays. It provides service even out of work hours.

Pest Control Service

Your workplace is gleamy with Integrated Pest Control Solutions! (IPM)

Teknikturk’s technicians focus on demolish the residence area, entrance poing of business and other conditions of insects which cause pes infestation. This aspect provides maximum effect with the use of minimum chemicals. The success of pest control solutions underlies communication and collaboration. Teknikturk works with you to improve IPM program and offers trainings for your staff. Teknikturk will not evaluate ‘Entegrated Pest Control’ solutions only the use of medication.

Personal Pest Control Service

Corporate Pest Control Service

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